Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend Fun

Yesterday was the "long" day at Pineland with the 25k, 50k and 50 miler. Ryan was up and out early to help with registration while Sam and I slept in. We managed to get over there around 9:30 in time to chat with Amy a bit before she left and to watch the 25k runners take off for their race. Then we visited the bouncy house for a bit before returning to the TMR tent to relax and have a bit of lunch. Soon after, Mike showed up with Marina and Nell as they waited for Mary to arrive back at the grove. Marina and Sam had a great time playing all day long - I couldn't drag her away! We ended up staying until around 4:30!

It was fun to catch up with everyone and have a chance to cheer all the runners on as they went into and out of the grove. Always a great atmosphere, and so much fun that it almost made me feel like I should think about running next year... almost ;)

The kids hanging out, thinking it's completely normal to spend all day in a field, 
cheering on sweaty, salty runners :)

The next generation

We were all good and exhausted by dinnertime, but it was yet another great day at Pineland!

Since I didn't get a chance to run yesterday, this morning Amy and I made up for it with a nice, mellow 10 mile meander through the BTLT trails at Crystal Spring farm with an additional out-and-back in the extended Commons. The ladyslippers were blooming (I didn't count today, too busy chatting ;) ), and we saw a few Bobolinks out in the farm fields. A nice, if warm, morning and a good way to start an extra day off. And, of course, it is always nice to catch up with Amy! Despite the parade going on in town, we managed to sneak in the back way and get donuts. Ha! Can't have a run with Amy without donuts (or bagels)! :)

Out in the blueberry fields

This is the trail. The trail is flat. 

Yet Amy managed to fall and scrape herself up :) She's back!

Sweaty runners :)

Pretty good end to a run! Yum!

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