Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Fun

Woke up yesterday feeling a bit tired, but not overly sore. We all even managed to sleep in, which was really nice! After a bit of lounging around, Ryan and I headed out for a short run. It was warm already and my legs felt very creaky. Quads a bit stiff, but they did loosen up as we ran along. We managed a fairly pedestrian 3 miles, but that was about all I was up for ;)

The rest of the day was very mellow, with a bit of playing out in Irene and Dana's backyard in the sun and relaxing. I also got an adorable card and a very cute necklace from Sam. Apparently I am to wear the necklace every day :) Oh, and also my favorite food is rice and beans and my favorite color is purple. It is true, though, that I am 40 years old, have brown hair, hazel eyes and like to take care of her. :) And of course, I do love her so.

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