Thursday, May 28, 2015


Shannon's littlest was still not feeling well on Tuesday, so I was solo again. I decided to run the cart paths. It was a bit misty and drizzly, and I saw my first red-spotted newt of the season out on the cart path at the beginning of hole #8! The wood floor is carpeted with false lily of the valley, bunchberry, blue bead lily, starflowers and more. Everything is looking very green!

This morning, I headed out into the Cathance. It was warm and humid, even at 5:45 am! Got in a nice, sweaty 7 miles. The river is running very low right now - we really need some rain, but the woods look lush and lovely. The bull frogs were making noise at the vernal pool, so I stopped to take a look. Saw three of them in the dark water. We're headed there later this morning for a field trip with Sam's class, which should be fun! Hope 18+ little kids don't scare off all the frogs though! ;) Also saw a really tiny newt on the cart path. Moved him off to the side so he wouldn't get smooshed... smallest I've seen in a while!

Sun rising, the Heath



Bunchberry and fringed polygala - what a pretty combination!

Tiny red-spotted newt

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