Sunday, May 17, 2015


It's been a busy weekend so far. Friday afternoon, Sam and I did a little gardening and then met up with Ryan for dinner out.

My gardening helper

Family date night! Cheers :)

Saturday started with an early morning run for me. Got in a lovely 8 miles out on the Cathance trails. Under the overcast sky, the moss along the riverbanks looked neon green, and the wood floor is littered with the leaves of the false lily of the valley, wild oat and goldthread. Saw one trillium and one ladyslipper, its flower just beginning to emerge but not yet unfurled. After my run, Sam and I went to swimming and to get donuts, then home for a quick change and lunch before heading to one of her friend's birthday parties.

Birthday dance party!

This morning I was up early again, doing a quick 6 miles on the cart paths on a damp, cool morning. Was happy to see the trailing arbutus still flowering and saw the first rhodora of the season. The starflower are beginning to flower and I saw another small patch of ladyslippers coming up. Also saw two deer crossing the first green, and another, standing still at the edge of the woods as I ran down the hill on hole #6. Later in the run, an osprey flew over, a fish in its talons.

A bit later, we headed over so Sam could run in the Kids Fun Run at the Run for Independence. They had a bouncy house and music playing, so Sam got in a bouncy house warm-up for a half hour before the quick kids sprint around the block. If we'd known the fun run was going to be so short, we would have signed her up for the 1 mile race, but she had fun, and then it was straight back into the bouncy house :) We had a good time chatting with Blaine and Erin, Jeremy of Atayne fame, and Nate, and it was definitely a good turn-out for a good cause, and right in town too!

You can do anything in snowman socks :)


Bounce house fun!

The plan for the afternoon includes a bike ride over on the Bike Path, so hopefully Sam will be good and tired out tonight at bedtime :)

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