Wednesday, May 6, 2015

FlipBelt and Racing Thoughts

This winter, I pretty much carried my phone with me on every run. After all, I always had my jacket plus many other layers on. The thing about summer running is that, unless I am doing a long run and wearing my pack, I typically don't have anywhere to carry my phone. If I wear the magenta SportSkirts I have, it has a pocket big enough for my IPhone, which is a really nice feature, but honestly I am not super enamored with the skirt for running as I just don't like all the extra fabric flapping around my legs, especially on long runs. It is good for hiking with Sam though! Anyway, the point is that I would like to be able to carry my phone on my mid-length runs this summer but not have to carry a full pack. I remembered reading about the FlipBelt in a few places, and thought I'd try it out. It's a cool, but simple, idea. It's not a belt per say, but is a stretchy fabric band that you pull up like you would shorts or tights. It sits around your waist (or hips) and has openings in which to store phone, keys, etc. There are no zippers, etc. I tried mine out this morning just to see what I thought.

Bad IPhone photo taken at 5:30 am in an attempt to show how the FlipBelt looks 


I wore mine around my hips, putting my phone in the opening on the back of the belt and a few tissues in one of the front "pockets." It was very comfortable and I didn't even notice it while I ran. Even better, the belt didn't move around and neither did my phone. I didn't see anything exciting out there to take a photo of but I know the phone would have come out fairly easily if I had wanted access. All in all, I think it is neat product and will be useful. Got in 6 miles on the cart paths this morning. It was only 44 degrees when I headed out before 6:00 am (17 degrees colder than yesterday! What the heck?!) so I was back in tights :)

As I ran along, I was thinking about Wapack. I see people on the entrants list like Kristina Folcik-Welts, and Rebecca and Ally, and think, oh man! Of course, I really shouldn't be thinking about competition at all as the plan all along has been to do this as a training run and not a race. Not to mention the 50k three weeks ago. And the fact that I have not done any mountain running in years. And that it is supposed to be hot (of course). 

The reality is, I'm no match for Kristina, but I'd like to think I can keep up with Rebecca and Ally, on a good day, at least :) Anyway, I know I will just get into my own space and do my own thing once I get started on the trail on Saturday, but my mind keeps wandering to how it might all go. ;) Ha. And a big part of me hopes that my long-ago ability to power up the mountains remains hidden in my legs and will come out on Saturday. Jeez. Silly competitive spirit! In any event, I'm a bit nervous for the "race" but also excited to run it. The idea of running the whole Wapack range is super cool, and since it's someplace I've never hiked or run before that certainly adds to the appeal. Now I just have to make sure I can get through the whole 21.5 miles :) 

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Willow said...

I think I need a flipbelt. I didn't carry my phone all winter because I just carry it in my hand and it was way too cold for that!
I also have some shorts that have some trouble staying up when they get sweaty. I think the flipbelt could help with that.
And look at you, getting all competitive :)