Friday, June 5, 2015

Weekday Running

A bit of catch-up here...

Ran a very sloppy 5 miles with Shannon in the rain on Tuesday morning on the River and Back Loop. It was nice to have company out on the Cathance trails. Hopefully we can meet up on a better weather day to explore along the river a bit more. The roots and bog bridges were pretty slick out there! I will admit that I wore a long sleeve shirt and tights. It was chilly out there!

Intended to get up and run on Wednesday, but somehow it didn't happen despite the fact that it wasn't raining and it was National Running Day. Oh well! Guess I don't need a specific day to get me out for a run anyway, right?! :) Or can that at least be my excuse? Ha.

Thursday, I ran a bit longer than scheduled so that Friday's run could be a bit shorter in advance of the weekend long run. I started with the cart paths and ran across a pair just starting their early morning game on hole #1. Probably ran the cart paths a bit faster than necessary and then in turn was feeling a bit hungry and sort of lost steam in the final few miles out on the powerlines. Many bunchberries along the powerlines along with a fair number of ladyslippers. The hay-scented ferns smelled delightful and the cinnamon ferns are always beautiful to behold. Got in 9 miles for the morning.

This morning, it was misty and damp. I ran a slight variation on the 6-mile Snowplug loop, heading out via the cart paths instead of the quarry. Legs felt a bit tired, so I just kept the pace mellow. The river was roaring and the woods were a lush green.

On another note, our iris are almost ready to bloom out front and the johnny jump ups are going crazy out in the sun! In the back garden, things are a bit more mellow without a ton of color, so I love the rich red shade of this columbine! So happy it is blooming well this year!

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