Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bradbury 20

When I pulled into the lot at 6:30 am, I was surprised to see many TMR cars already there. Apparently everyone else had the same idea - get up and run early ;) Perhaps not as surprising, I still had the trails to myself until somewhere around mile 12.75, right before the Link, when I saw Emma and Mindy coming down the trail on their way around the Scuffle.

My plan was for 20, with as many miles as I could fit in before 9:00 when I was meeting up with Mindy. I headed out onto the BBU course, this time remembering to run Krista's on the way out. It was cool and damp out and I was happy to have remembered my arm sleeves. The trails were muddy and the roots were slick. I must admit to not feeling super wonderful the first few miles but I did finally settle into a rhythm out there.

Saw one little red-spotted newt out on the edge of the pavement along the road stretch and another along the Connector, and then scared up a turkey along the powerlines. He took off like a rocket, racing up the powerlines - it was quite funny to watch - before disappearing somewhere into the brush.

The field before Lawrence Road was filled with yummy smelling blackberry brambles and honeysuckle and dew-covered grass. Very pretty. The rivers were full and the forest floor was covered with greenery. I really do enjoy running along the Connector.

Misty morning summit view

By the time I got back up to the summit, I had decided to skip Lunchbreak but still wanted to get in a few more miles before returning to the parking lot, so I headed back down Tote then up toward the summit again before turning off onto the Terrace Trail. Got me back to the lot at 10 miles on the dot, and with 30 minutes to spare until I had to meet up with Mindy. I quickly changed my shirt - I was soaked!, went to the bathroom and grabbed a snack - then headed across the street to get in a few miles on the snowmobile trails.

Flag Iris along the Snowmobile Trail bridge

Cinnamon fern

I figured Mindy wouldn't mind if I was a minute or two late, so I ran until I hit 11.5 miles then turned back around. Turns out, I got back to the lot before they did ;) But that was OK, as it gave me a chance to chat with Val and George, who had been out since 5:00 am with the goal of running all three dirt courses and the BBU.

I ended up getting the chance to run with both Mindy and Emma, which was a treat! We did a mellow run of the Scuffle course, chatting away as we ran along. It was nice to catch up and really nice to have some company in the last miles - definitely made it easier! When we got back to the lot I had just under a mile to go, so I headed up the Northern Loop for an out-and-back. There were a lot of people out walking, and I didn't really feel like re-passing them all on the way back in, so I cut through the gravel lot and just ran the road back, getting in 20 miles in a total time of 4:03 (ended up being a moving time of 3:43). I was happy to feel fairly strong throughout the 20, with no real dips in energy. Always nice! A bit of chatting with Mindy, Emma, John and Rick, and then it was back home for an afternoon of house chores - mulch spreading, window cleaning - before John came over to join us for dinner. And of course, we ended the day with ice cream (thanks John!) :) A full, and fun, day!

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