Thursday, June 11, 2015

Beautiful Sky

I took Monday off and then met up with Shannon on Tuesday morning for a 6 mile run through the Commons from her place. We were too busy chatting to count the ladyslippers, though ;) Yesterday, the plan was to meet up with John for an extra early morning run out through the BTLT trails to show him around, but he wasn't feeling well so when I padded downstairs at 4:10 am and saw his text that he was out for the run, I went back up to bed instead of heading out myself. Oops ;) Ah well.

So, that led me to today's early morning jaunt along the cart paths. It was humid but there was a nice breeze and the sky was beautiful with a soft golden light shining through the periwinkle clouds. When I got to the start of hole #4, I could see that the orange orb of the sun was just peeking above the trees, so I headed out to the bogbridges along the Heath to take a look. Gorgeous.

This is why early morning running is a good thing :) 

After stopping to admire the view, I did a lap around the Heath before continuing on around the golf course. Then I did another lap around the cart paths, turning onto the back dirt road before hole #9 and running home via the powerlines. Ended up with 10 miles in a little over an hour and a half - a good way to start the day.

Flora and fauna report: Saw one red-spotted newt in the middle of the cart path on hole #2 on the second time around  and moved him out of the way so he wouldn't get squished. Out on the powerlines, the blackberry brambles in bloom smelled so sweet, and I noticed the pink sheep laurel was blooming along with the iris down in the swampy area near the high school. There is something wonderful about the sweet smell of all the blooms at this time of year. When I arrived home, I spotted a big luna moth resting on our upstairs shutter. Wish I had been able to get a closer look -  so beautiful!

Cats and moth

Luna moth

Meg sent Sam two full boxes of samples from her work so Sam is going to be decked out in style all summer long, and well into the fall and winter too. Thanks, Auntie Meg! Sam decided she wanted to wear of the dresses this morning, so you know we had to get a shot of her looking all snazzy ;)

"Make sure you get my nails too, so Auntie Meg can see how the polish matches!"

Beautiful iris

Later, riding bikes with Anne before school starts... 
"You know, the green socks with dogs on them, those are the ones I picked out for today." 
Yup, our little fashionista ;)

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