Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Everything is incredibly green right now. Got out yesterday in the drizzle for 6 miles on the cart paths. Kept the pace mellow as my legs were feeling a bit tired. This morning, I had previously decided to pass on running with Shannon as it was supposed to rain and I was just feeling a bit discombobulated getting back from Southwest Harbor and having my parents here, etc. and didn't want to have to get up if I just plain didn't feel like it. But of course, I was up early anyway so headed out for an eight mile wander in the Cathance. The river was running pretty high after all the rain we've had, the grass was long and wet, humidity was high, the deer flies were out and I saw the same big turtle at the edge of the old fire road. Again, kept the pace easy and felt fairly decent.

And just because, here is a series of photos of Sam from yesterday as they waited out a rain storm in the car after her haircut. She is too much, is she not?! :)

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