Saturday, June 27, 2015

Beautiful Day for the Beach

We headed up to Reid State Park this morning for a fun day at the beach. It was gorgeous- blue sky, a breeze and cool temps. Of course, the water was freezing and I didn't hide the snacks well enough, so the seagulls literally made off with most of them, but otherwise a beautiful Maine day at the beach!

Beach roses

Wading in the lagoon

Goofy girl

Silliness ;)

Getting my feet buried

The "crane"

Walking the beach


Happy kid on the beach

In the surf

Excitement? Or just cold? ;)

Goggle girl :)


We walked down the whole beach so then the trick was to get her back... 
Follow the leader to the rescue :) 



Follow the leader twirls :)

Goofy selfie

Tiny sand dollar! So cool!

Water and sand

Cool designs

A moment of quiet contemplation... didn't last long ;)

Sweet pea

Sandcastle fun

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