Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Early Week Running

Out early on Monday morning for 8 miles. Sky was heavily laden with clouds and the darn Garmin kept beeping "lost signal" at me. Enough to drive a person batty! Things were also very wet due to Sunday's deluge, so it was a bit of a slow one along the Heath and out on the singletrack. Saw one newt, crossing a bog bridge :), and one deer along the powerlines near the end of the run, looking at me from amongst the brush.

This morning, I met up with John for a run. I was intending for us to run the cart paths, but surprisingly there were numerous cars parked by the first hole and several golfers waiting to go out even before 6:00 am! Guess they were trying to beat the rain! So, we changed routes and headed out onto the Cathance trails instead. The river was flowin well and there was just enough mud to keep things interesting. We had fun catching up as we ran along and we got in a nice "fast" paced 6 miles. Although I think when we got back, we were both thinking the other was pushing the pace. HA! :)

Headed over to the Brad tomorrow for my long run - should be a good way to start an extra long weekend!

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