Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Of Sweat and Cobwebs and Glowing Morning Light

4am is really too early to get up but it does mean get to start my run with the light. I ran out to Head of Tides this morning, running on the bog bridges as the mist rose above the Heath, along the river as sweat rolled into my eyes and cobwebs brushed my face and arms, through the woods as the orange orb of the sun rose in the sky, casting a glowing light through the woods. I stopped to eat the first few raspberries of the season along the edges of the freshly cut back field grasses and took many minutes to pick a baggie full of big, ripe, round blueberries along the powerlines to bring home to Sam for breakfast. 11.6 miles. 2 hours. What a lovely way to start the day!

Mist rising above the Heath

Glowing morning light

Head of Tides, high tide

Vernal Pool


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unstrung said...

blueberries!!!!!!! once again i am completely blown away by your getting-up-at-4am thing.