Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Dark and damp at 5am this morning. It is foggy and misty, incredibly humid. I ran along slowly, my legs heavy, my body tired. The powerlines are lush with green at this time of year, the green interrupted by the deep blue blueberries, the rich orange of the wild lilies, the red of the bunchberries. A deer in the brush looked toward me, standing statue-like for a few moments before turning and bounding off gracefully. The towhees and catbirds call. The sweet scent of the hay-scented ferns and milkweed fill the air. I finish covered in sweat, but glad I didn't change my route - I haven't run the powerlines since they were covered with snow, and forget how much they have to offer at the height of summer. A nice, slow 6 miles for the morning.

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