Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Sam and I stopped on the way home last night to pick blueberries along the powerlines. In the late afternoon light with the sun at our backs, the berries were sweet and warm and delicious. Yum!

Blueberry pickin'

Lots of berries to pick

Gorgeous wild lily - one of my favorite summer wildflowers!

Bowl full of blues

Was up early this morning to run, but not as early as intended. But still got in a good 6 miles on the cart paths. I was surprised and happy to find that my legs were not sore and I didn't feel creaky; the bruises on my arm and knee hurt more! ;) 

Ryan will be in Vermont this weekend crewing Jamie, so that means I'll be running the next three days with a "long" but shorter run on Thursday. Hoping the legs hold up, and know I'll be happy to take 2 days off from running this coming weekend!

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