Thursday, July 16, 2015

Not Happening...

Getting up for a second day in a row at 4:00 am was just not happening this morning. The intent was to do 16 this morning so that I would have a shorter run tomorrow and could get a few things done after the run and before picking Sam up at camp mid-afternoon. Well, I'll be doing 16 tomorrow.

Slept through the first few rounds of snooze on the alarm but finally dragged myself out of bed around 5:15 and got out the door about 5:50. Ran 8 miles on my regular Cathance loop. Saw a gorgeous gray fox run across the trail in the Mt. A. area. She/he stopped up in the woods and looked back at me for a while before ambling off. Pretty sure it had something in its mouth. So neat to watch.

Beautiful morning - crisp and cool, almost felt fall-like. Wonderful to run without the humidity for once in the early morning hours!

Also really wonderful that someone has been out doing some weedwacking and general taming of the crazy field before heading out to the Ravine Trail. Makes the whole route much more runnable and appealing mid-summer to me.

Although I managed a decent pace, I gotta say that perhaps Sunday's 29 miles in the heat and humidity took more out of me than I was hoping, because, well, darn, I was/am tired. Hoping for some decent sleep tonight (as in I am headed up as soon as I finish this post and it isn't even 8:30) and that the legs will feel a bit more spritely tomorrow.

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