Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Other Brad and Two Years

We're down in MA for the weekend, celebrating Gavin's 2nd birthday. I snuck out early this morning to head to the "other" Brad for my long run. It was relatively cool, with temps right around 60, but it was foggy and heavy and once again, oh so humid. Mine was the only car in the lot at 6:30 and the pay kiosk wouldn't even accept my money, saying the park was closed! Ha.

I headed out on the GAC Fat Ass loop, my go-to route in the park, running into one other runner on the way out. Turns out I'd see him every loop, as he was doing hills in the woods near the edge of the first field. I was skeptical when I turned onto the uphill singletrack as the entrance was a bit overgrown with undergrowth, but I figured it would be OK further up. Uh, no. It just got worse. I ended up walking the hill so I could keep away from the poison ivy. Damn. And then in the last stretch of old carriage road, the deer flies were out in force, with multiple ones biting me on my back, between my shoulder blades. Ouch! Enough to drive me batty! OK, I was going to have to figure out some sort of alternate route.

Since I didn't want to wander aimlessly, I figured I'd just take the wider trail up to the top of the singletrack, cutting off a fair portion of the route, and one of my more favorite sections but not at this time of year! I also cut off that last trail portion, opting to come all the way back on the road instead. This trimmed the loop down to 5 miles. I was already bargaining with myself when I got back to the car at 11 miles. I really wasn't super happy. The air was so heavy! I stopped and managed to pay for a parking pass before heading back out for loop #3.

Back at the lot at mile 16, I was ready to be done, so I texted Ryan. He convinced me to go out for another 4 miles to get to 20, which I really didn't want to do but of course, which I knew I should. In fact, I really should have gone out for 8 more, but between the humidity, the poison ivy and the deer flies, I was more than happy to just get to 20. Also even happier to be able to maintain a decent clip throughout, keeping all but two of the miles (first mile and mile 3 walking up the singletrack) in the mid 9:00s.

I did have a cool sighting of a mink near the swampy area across from the parking lot, and also saw two Great Egrets flying overhead.

I came home ready to relax, watch the kids play, celebrate Gavin's birthday with cupcakes and ice cream, and hopefully not sweat any more :) Instead I came home to a kiddo who was utterly exhausted and having a meltdown. Ah, kids. They are so awesome! After much gnashing of teeth, I did manage to turn things around and we had a fun afternoon visiting the animals at the farm, blowing bubbles and running around in the backyard, and enjoying some yummy owl cupcakes make by Auntie Meg. And now I'm ready to go to bed!

Cute cousins

Cousin love

Feeding the goats

Tendercorp Farm

Feeding the neighborhood bull

Yum, carrots

He took that carrot right out of my hand!


Out on the farm

Kids and sunflowers

Cutie pies

Chasing after bubbles

Bubble fun

Birthday boy

Owl cupcakes :)

Happy Birthday, Gavin!

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unstrung said...

Whoa, way to tough it out!! Deer flies ad poison ivy in one run is too much. Good thing you have cute kids and cupcakes in your life to negate some of the struggle.