Thursday, May 9, 2013

Through the Mist

Headed out into the mist and fog this morning to run down to the river. The woods looked especially green as they often do on overcast days. Was happy to see the false lily of the valley, wood anemone and trailing arbutus in bloom their quiet white blossoms set against the bright green leaves. As I ran along the river, I caught sight of a big bird flying down over the river. I wasn't sure, but it appeared to be an eagle. When I got a bit further along, at an opening near the widening of the river, I stopped to look, and sure enough, on the opposite bank, sitting in a tree, was a beautiful Bald Eagle. After a short while, he cocked his head and took off, large wings flapping gracefully as he soared out along the river. Neat!

Legs still felt a bit sluggish, but not nearly as bad as yesterday! Got in a 5.75.

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