Saturday, May 11, 2013


Headed out for a run this morning before Tumble Time. The sky was looking a bit threatening but it wasn't raining at the start of the run. I decided to run just run Homeplace so as to avoid the no-doubt slippery roots and bog bridges along the Heath Trail. The powerlines were surprisingly dry given all the rain, and my legs felt a bit better than they have for most of the week, so that was an improvement. The rain held off until right around the turn-around, and then the heavens literally opened up. Nothing to do but embrace the soaking and keep on going :-) Got in a good 5 miles.

Flora and fauna notes: Saw a big rabbit (Snowshoe hare? Couldn't quite tell...), resident towhee, a catbird as well as a lot of sparrows singing in the bushes. Wild strawberries were blooming as were the blueberry bushes!

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Jamie said...

New England cottontails are pretty rare in Maine...I think they might even be endangered. Did it have spots? If so, you were lucky, sighting one is rare. I've been seeing a lot of snowshoe hares lately though...coats are now brown for spring and summer.