Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Fun and Run

We had a nice, if brief, visit with Irene and Dana last night and this morning. We took off for home around 12:00, a bit earlier than planned, as Ryan's grandfather is in the hospital, and Irene and Dana wanted to get over to visit him. As it was pouring all morning, and we were also sitting around playing with Sam, talking and eating delicious omelettes whipped up by Ryan, a run just didn't happen.

By the time we got home, I was starved and cranky, so we headed out to get some lunch (and gelato, of course :-) ), after which Sam and I headed to the playground while Ryan got in his run. The sun had finally come out and it was a great afternoon to be out running around the playground. Ryan met us at the playground at the end of his run, and by the time we got home it was around 5:20. I wanted to get a short run in, and Ryan suggested we head to the bike path so I could run and Sam could bike. Sam loved the idea; me maybe not so much, but it worked out fine in the end. I got in a relatively quick 3 miles, and Sam got in some bike time and a lot of time picking dandelions :-)

We didn't get home until 6:30 (gotta love it being light so late!), so after quick showers, we headed back out again, this time to get some yummy Vietnamese food at the new restaurant in-town, Little Saigon. It was quite tasty! All this means that Sam didn't fall asleep until 9:00 and it is now officially past my bedtime :-) Time to hit the hay!

All in all, a very busy and fun Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day out there to all the mothers I know and love, especially Mom, Kristen, Irene, Phyllis and mom-to-be Meghan :-) Love you!

Being goofy at Gelato Fiasco :-)

Ohh! Ahh! Ommm!




I see you there ;-)

Picking dandelions along the bike path

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