Friday, May 10, 2013


It wasn't raining when I headed out the door this morning for my run, but after 5 miles on the trails, I came home feeling very soggy. The air was heavy and damp. But again, the woods are beautiful on mornings like this. Saw our friend the snowshoe hare near the exit of the Heath Trail, all brown now, and munching happily on greens out in the brush. Wild oats, goldthread, little white marsh violets, more "regular" purple voilets, false lily of the valley, trailing arbutus, both magenta and white, and wood anemone filled the forest floor. I have always thought that fall was my most favorite time of year, with its crisp air, turning leaves and brilliant blue skies, but each spring, I am always in awe of how the landscape once again comes alive, filling with greenery and flowers. There is something about the rebirth of everything which never fails to make me smile.

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