Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rain, Rain, Rain

More rain today. Headed out around 8:30 for my run. Ryan and Sam were headed down to Kristen's where Sam was spending the morning while Ryan ran at Pineland in the 5k. Turns out he is in much better shape than he thinks, coming in 5th place and 1st in his age group on a very sloppy, muddy course. Nice job Snowman! Sounds like there were a lot of other hardy souls out running some great races today too, including many Trail Monsters and our friend Phil. Great to see that everyone was out running despite the weather. Guess this year the heat was swapped for mud and wet grass :-) Always a challenge, it is!

As for my run, I ran through the woods down to the river. The trails were waterlogged and the roots and bog bridges were slippery indeed. The river was roaring. Was happy to see about a dozen ladyslippers blooming in the edge of the woods near the end of the Heath trail, and some big bright patches of magenta trailing arbutus. Beautiful. Got in a nice and wet 5.5 miles before work.

Speaking of work, today was my last day at the gallery. My last Saturday workday!! Change is always scary, but sometimes change is necessary. I have been working at the gallery for almost 8 years, and although it holds a place dear to my heart and the owners are my friends, it was time for a change. Starting next week, I'll be working as the Office Manager at a local non-profit, Tedford Housing. I am very excited for this new venture, and even more excited that I will now have regular, full weekends with Sam and Ryan! Hurray! The job is 25 hours a week, and while I wish we could afford for me to just work that many hours, alas we cannot :-) , so I'll be filling in with a few side projects. However, these other things will allow for some flexibility, so I'm hoping to have a chance to spend a few extra weekday hours with Sam and maybe even get in one long mid-week run too :-) I'll also be helping a bit this summer at the gallery as they transition through my departure. As for the weekends, our calendar is filling fast but I'm definitely looking forward to some good weekend runs with my Trail Monster friends! It's looking like a busy summer, but I think it will all be good!

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