Thursday, February 14, 2013


Short on time and energy today, so I settled for, what else?, a short shuffle on the 3-mile Highland Green loop this morning before work. I wore my 295s, which have no screws, and was totally fine on the trail sections that were snow-covered. The trails are in rough shape - although typically a number of snowmobilers get out and pack down the powerline trails, it didn't appear as if many had been through, meaning while things looked packed, there was still a lot of fluff below the hard surface. Not to mention people had been out walking/running and there were a lot of postholes to avoid. Things were better on the Mt. Ararat connector trail at the top of Mountain Road, as the groomer had been out and people had been skiing as well as walking along the trails, but still, the snow is still pretty soft, which means it's not great for running, as you never know when you might sink through. Oh well. Maybe I'll have to take my snowshoes out tomorrow for my run? At least they'll give me more surface area to work with!

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