Monday, February 18, 2013

Holiday Monday

We awoke to clear skies, high winds and cold temps. Well, it was out for a run regardless. I headed out around 8:00 wearing numerous layers and screwshoes, and hoping for the best. I decided to head over Mt. Ararat and along the cart path over to the Heath and then down to the river. Things weren't bad on my way out with the wind at my back as I headed over the hill, but out on the golf course, it was blustery and there were some serious drifts of snow. I bumbled along, slipping and sinking, making a slow go of it until I finally hit the well-packed path along the Heath. Once in the woods, it was nice running and there were a lot of the bunny, squirrel, mouse and other tracks criss-crossing the trail.

I crossed the road and the trail was almost obliterated by soft, blowing snow near the ecology center, but again, better once I was in the protection of the trees as I made my way down to Barnes Leap. I took the short path along the river, enjoying the soft rush of the water as it made its way around and over the snow- and ice-covered rocks. I headed back along the Heath, but took the road instead of the cart path on the return trip, and decided to take the wood trails to Canam Road and back home for a change. This was probably a mistake - the running was nice in the woods but once I got out on the field, the snow whipped and swirled around, taking all the warmth I'd built up along the run away in a few big gusts as I made my way across the commissary parking lot. I managed to get in a slightly longer run than yesterday, but I'm not quite sure I'd call it all that much more pleasant, despite the nice stretches in the woods :-) Ah well.

We topped off the run with a yummy breakfast at Broadway Deli, and then met up with Anne and Phil at the Rumpus Room - a cool indoor play area for kids. I think everyone in the area had the same idea, as the place was packed! But the kids had a great time, and it was a fun way to burn off a bit of energy!

Steering the ship!

In the ball pit

Sam's favorite find at the Rumpus Room - a toy vacuum!

Laughs and giggles in the ball pit

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