Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Morning Run and Fun

Sad to not be joining in on the fun at the Mockingbird Lane Fat Ass today, but alas, there was no one to cover for me at the gallery, so a solo run around the Heath had to suffice this morning. Not quite the same as wandering through the fields and along the snowmobile trails at Val's house with people to chat with, though. Oh well. Maybe next time!

I headed out around 7:30 under overcast skies and made my way up and over Mt. Ararat and along the golf course to the trail around the Heath. Conditions were variable, but not bad - things were fairly solid where the snow had been packed down, although there was still enough slipping and sliding and sinking to make things interesting. It wasn't a fast 4.3 miles, that's for sure, but it was a nice romp through the woods and a good end to the week for me. Got in 37.5 miles over 6 days, with two solid runs in the middle of the week. I'd call the other shorter runs sort of so-so, but that's OK, at least I was out there.

After a quick shower, Sam and I headed off to tumble time while Ryan got in his run. Sam was feeling a bit shy about participating in some of the activities this morning, but she eventually warmed up and enjoyed her time on the bouncy trampoline and in the blow-up bounce house, which had a slide. As she said to Annie, "I was feeling nervous, but now I'm excited!" and she wanted to go in again and again. So cute :-)

Bounce, bounce!

Down the slide (It gets cut off, but at the end, she's telling me she wants to "do it again" :-) )

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