Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fun Morning Wander

Got out mid-morning for my run. No real plan, just to get in 10 miles without wearing my screwshoes. Normally my type-A personality does not like such runs, as I prefer to know my route and just be able to go and do it. But oddly enough, today, I didn't mind not having a true plan. I was happy to wander out in the sunshine, happy to be getting in a long-ish run with no aches and pains holding me back, and just plain enjoying being out running. I'd say 75 - 80% of the run was on bare ground, with the remainder being a mix of very tacky hard-packed snow that was good for running and big sketchy stretches of ice that I either had to very gently tiptoe across or could skirt/bushwack around. 

I ran out along the powerlines, essentially doing Homeplace before taking Tedford to the back Highland Green Road. I had planned to do the Highland Green circle before hopping onto the cart paths for the rest of the run, but I was lured onto the trails by what appeared to be a glorious long stretch of bare and dry singletrack heading up from the hiker parking lot towards the Heath. From there, I went across the street and took the trail down to Barnes Leap. Probably shouldn't have been on that particular stretch without screwshoes - it was a slow mile! - but it was fun to be down along the river. For the final few miles, I did a bit of this and a bit of that, and miraculously managed to get to 10 miles right outside the door. Hurray ;-)

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