Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back Cove Donuts

Got an email from Amy last week asking if I was free for a run this morning. Why sure! I had 16 on my schedule. Did she want to join in for some of the miles? I think I got a response back in about 10 seconds that said something to the effect of "Whoa, 16? OK, why not? I'm in!" Ha :-) We had planned to meet at the Brad, but this morning when Ryan came back from his sunrise run along the snowmobile trails around our house, he suggested we might want to try something else instead. He felt certain we'd need our snowshoes out at the Brad, and since I'm not so hardcore as to want to run 3 hours/16 miles on my snowshoes, I sent Amy a message asking her what she thought, and suggesting meeting at Back Cove instead, as I knew she had to be down in Portland at noon to pick up Will from daycare anyway. Yup, she was game. So, after dropping Sam off at daycare, I headed south.

The first thing she said to me when I walked up to her car was, "Want a donut?" "What? Before the run? Oh, well, sure, why not?" I laughed. Then out came her camera. Gotta document our craziness, you know. Oh, and our love of Frosty's donuts :-)

CHOMP! Pre-run fuel ;-)

We took off shortly after, fueled by the sugary goodness. It was a beautiful morning, already warm and with not much of a breeze. In other words, perfect for running Back Cove. They had plowed the path, but left behind a rather haphazard mess of hard-packed now, mush and ice. The ice disappeared quickly as we ran along, replaced on subsequent laps by more mush, and then increasingly, big cold, slushy puddles. 

We ran along, laughing about our crazy cats, crazy kids, crazy running and everything in between :-) While I don't think I'd want to run so many laps around Back Cove by myself, the laps just flew by with Amy to talk with, and it turned out to be a great run where I felt good and had a lot of fun too. We took a Hannaford bathroom break after lap #2 and then continued on for two more full laps, at which point Amy had to take off to pick up Will. My Garmin was only reading 14.5 miles, so I chugged along for another 3/4 of a mile before turning around and in the full 16 miles I was shooting for. 2:40:00 on the dot. It was really only during that final 1.5 miles, when I was all alone, that I realized my legs were a bit tired, and oh, I hadn't quite done a great job of fueling during the run. Ah well, the pre-run donut counts, right?! :-)

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