Wednesday, February 20, 2013

8 with Amy

I met up with Amy this morning at the Brad for a run. I had 8 miles on my schedule, so the plan was to run 8 together and then she'd add on more miles to get in her long run for the week. We donned our screwshoes and headed out onto the Link trail to the Snowmobile trail. Wow. The snow was soft and undermined, and there was a fair amount of ice too. It was slow going. We were postholing like crazy, but continued on, slipping and sliding our way out of the park as we chatted away. At one point, Amy sunk in deep and pitched forward, landing face first in the abrasive snow. Ouch. Her nose got all scratched up - that snow sure was rough! We stopped for a minute so she could compose herself and then continued on, agreeing that we'd hit the roads at the next opportunity. Poland Range Road, being dirt, was ice covered too, but the stretch out to Rt. 9 was short. We crossed Rt. 9 and continued out onto the paved portion of Poland Range Road, enjoying the quiet scenery of the rural countryside and talking about all the crazy things our children say and do :-) Eventually, not knowing exactly where we were headed and not wanting to get too far out there, we turned around and took Rt. 9 back to the park.

My Garmin was reading 7.5 at the park entrance, so we continued on down Rt. 9 together for a short ways before she continued on and I turned around and headed back up the hill to the park. I got in 8.25, and Amy went on to get in 17.5. Way to go, Amy! Always fun to catch up, and nice to have a friend to run with! Wish we'd gotten in a few more trail miles, but hey, the road still counts :-)

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