Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thoughts and Words

Ryan was poking fun at me last night, saying yesterday's post was awfully zen-like. Meaning, he doesn't see me that way at all :-) And while I was running this morning, I was thinking about what he said. And it's true, I am almost constantly on the go, and most mornings and evenings, I race around like a crazy woman trying to juggle playtime with Sam, errands, my running, keeping the house in order, getting dinner made, doing the laundry, getting to work on time, etc etc. Even while I run, it's not often that my brain shuts off. Usually, I'm thinking, pondering, worrying, planning something or other. But in between all that, I'm always looking around, taking in all the sights and sounds out in the woods and on the road. Which is why I love to run. And why I need to run. Because while I'm running, I have the opportunity to simply be out there in the moment, with nothing more to do than move forward, and take it all in along the way. Of course, the second I stop running, the rest of "life" floods back in, but I'll take all the "zen-like" time I can get!

Speaking of constantly moving, Sam is doing just that, and not only physically, but verbally too. Last night, she got on and off her "bike" all by herself, and she gets on and off her stool by the coffee table without our help too. Still no climbing up on things like a little monkey, but that's ok with me :-) As for her words, her vocabulary is expanding rapidly, as is her comprehension. I read somewhere that if your child is focused, she can learn a new word every 90 minutes. Wow!! New words in the last week or so include: eat, snack, meat, apple, hat, nose, eye, outside, bubble, blue (boo), book, draw, "me, my, mine," and more. She is also speaking a few simple two-word "sentences" such as "up Mama," "up down" and "my baby." It really is neat to see her learn something new every day!

*8pm update: Today's new word is "happy." I love it! :-)

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