Friday, May 6, 2011


This morning after Sam woke up at 5am, and then quickly went back to sleep, instead of getting back into bed myself, I got dressed in my running gear, ate a snack and headed out the door around 5:40am. It was a beautiful morning - bright and sunny, but cool! In fact, I admit, I wore tights, and gloves, on this run. My "line" for shorts is 45 degrees, and it was only 41. Brrr. Since I was up and out so early, I decided to hit the golf course cart path and get in 6 miles. The run was a good one, with lots of birds chirping and my first few patches of Trout Lilies seen, their yellow flowers furled tightly against the cold. I figured I would return home to a quiet house, with everyone still asleep, but no... as I pulled up to the door, I saw that Ryan and Sam were at the table, eating breakfast. Uh oh. It wasn't even 6:45. Apparently, Ronnie decided it would be a good idea of sit and yowl his head off in Sam's doorway after I left, and he woke her up. Let's just say Ryan was less than pleased with him as a result. Luckily, Sam woke up happy, although Ryan did say he had to tell her about 6 times that Mama was "run run running," to which she kept saying "Go go!" :-)

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