Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rapture Smapture

If you were a part of this group which believed today was the end of the world...and you felt it so strongly that you advertised on billboards...and then, today came, and the end didn't come, and it was just another day... What would you think? What would you do? Would you think that maybe you were hooked up with a group of crazies and it was time to wake up and get away from them? Or would you come up with some excuse as to why the end didn't come? Somehow I think it would be the latter... The human mind has a large capacity for denial, does it not? In any event, I am glad today is not "the end." I mean, I know my time will end at some point, but I have a lot I'd like to do between now and then! And if today had been the day, I would certainly have liked to have spent my last day doing something other than working, that's for sure :-)

I did get out for a nice run this morning before work at least. It was 60 degrees and muggy. Still foggy at 7:45 am, but definitely a step in the right direction! I ran the powerlines out and back, for a little over 5.25 miles, just to round out the week for an even 32 miles. The purple swamp azaleas were highlighted against the greens of the brush. A patch of strawberry plants and the bunchberries were beginning to flower along the trail's edge. A hummingbird buzzed past, an Eastern Kingbird flitted about the top of one of the flowering trees, the Towhee and a Cardinal sang from the treetops, and a few yellow warblers crossed my path. I came home a bit muddy and sweaty, and happy to have been out enjoying the morning with a run.

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