Sunday, June 5, 2016

Unexpected 15

Plan called for me to meet up with Amy this morning for a 10 mile road run. Yesterday afternoon, she texts to ask if I'm up for running 15 instead. Oh, and can we meet at 6:00 am? I query Ryan and Sam, to which Sam replies, "Well, it's just another 5 miles, Mama." Well, I guess that settles it. 15 at 6:00 am it is ;) Nothing to it. Ha!

Very dreary morning with low clouds and mist, but no rain. Incredibly heavy and muggy though. Amy drives us off to Runaround Pond where we start our run out onto the quiet back roads of Pownal/Durham and who knows where else :) We have fun chatting away and catching up as we ran, finding a few good VT-esque hills along the way. Although road runs don't always yield the best flora and fauna sightings, today's run had a lot to offer with iris and buttercup lined fields, a skunk running down the road, two deer bounding across the road, a half dozen kildeer flitting about and calling along the edge of a flat stretch of road, many goldfinch, a few phoebes, redwinged blackbird, bobolinks among the buttercups, and one huge turtle laying eggs in the sand on the side of the road.

Both of us were feeling rather tired, Amy from accumulated mileage and me from not sleeping well last night along with the early hour, but we kept up a decent pace and got it done. A good 15 miles to put Amy at 71 miles and me with 35 miles in 3 days for 46+ for the week. Not bad :)

The rest of the day was pretty mellow, as the rain did eventually arrive. But Sam did get in a bit of painting fun while Ryan was out running at noontime :)

It started out innocently enough with some birdhouse painting...

...and moved to Sam wanting to recreate the picture we have in the bathroom of her footprints in paint..

This is going to end well, right?!? :)

Painting fun

Look at my footprints!

Before things got a bit messy...

I managed to snag this one before the rest became a crumpled, muddied mess... I love the footprint :)

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