Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Flora and Fauna

Yesterday, Sam, Mom and Dad went up to Boothbay to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens to do some exploring. What a beautiful day for it! Sam took lots of beautiful photos of the colorful flowers on her phone, but as it's an old phone I can't quite figure out how to get them onto this machine ;) But here are some pictures of them all having fun out there :) Such a great place!

This morning, I was up early and got out for 6 miles on the cart paths. We got a bit of rain overnight, and I was lucky enough to come across two red efts out there! Of course they were both on the cart path, so I stopped to move them off. Operation red eft rescue here ;) Also saw a red-winged blackbird and a bunny. And best of all, the first trail blueberries of the season! YUM!

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