Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

We finished up a great Saturday with beers on the grass at the Claremont and then a walk down the street to Beal's Lobster House for lobster, steamers, and scallops. Cheeriness all around ;)

On Sunday, we all slept in, which was much needed, as going to bed two nights in a row at 9:00 pm makes for a tired Sam (and me ;)), and then started off the day with a lovely breakfast with a lovely view. After getting all packed up, we headed out to Wonderland for a short morning walk. It was another gorgeous day and a good spot for a mellow walk out to the ocean. As is typical up in Acadia, there are no bad views :) and we spent some time out on the rocks, exploring the tide pools and soaking up the sunshine and salt air. The sun was warm but the breeze was quite brisk but we got in a nice 1.7 miles for the morning before heading over to Atlantic Brewing Co for lunch as our last stop up north for the weekend. What fun!

My parents had already arrived by the time we got home, so we lucked out and were able to see all the special fathers in our life today ;) Happy Father's Day Dad, Ryan and Dana! We love you!

What a great weekend!

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