Thursday, June 16, 2016

Midweek Miles

Shannon came over this way on Tuesday morning this week and we had a lovely morning run out in the Cathance together. Things were very green out in the woods - unfortunately, the grassy trails are getting a bit overgrown and I came home to find two big wood ticks crawling around at my sock line. Otherwise, a nice 6+ miles with a good friend to start off the day!

I had scheduled today as a day off from work so that I could get in a run and get a bunch of stuff done before we head up to Southwest Harbor for the weekend and my parents arrive for two weeks. There is never enough time in the day but I did get in a nice Brunswick trail wander this morning before spending the rest of the day running errands, grocery shopping, doing laundry, cleaning the shower and finally getting around to purchasing and spreading mulch in the garden and getting the outside pots planted. Phew! [Still have to clean the house though...]

It was bright, sunny and warm this morning but with a nice breeze. I headed out from Bowdoin and over to the Crystal Spring Farm trails for a few loops before going over to the extended Commons. Counted a few ladyslippers and enjoyed the swallows flitting about in the fields. The sheep laurel is beginning to bloom along the edges of the blueberry fields. Very lovely!

I wasn't able to cut across the blueberry fields like I normally would, as the beehives were out right along the trail and there were a lot of swarms. There was no way I was cutting through so I went out to Maquoit via the trailer park instead. Definitely not as nice a route but doable.

The extended Commons were nice and quiet. These trails makes for a nice connector out toward the Pennelville/Commons area, and there are some pretty views too.

As I headed out toward Pennelville, I noticed two things. One, it was getting rather toasty out. And two, I was seeing clouds of pollen floating about on the breeze. Ugh. In fact, I ended up literally covered with it, as I was sweating and therefore wet. EW! But the fields out in Pennelville were filled with clovers and daisies and swathes of buttercups. Gorgeous. It more than made up for the pollen :) Saw a few Bobolinks along the way too, and watched one chase a dragonfly around and finally grab it, taking off quickly with it in its beak. 

The Coleman Farm trail was looking a bit too grassy for my taste, so instead I just wandered my way back to the car via the long route in the Commons, and got in a nice 15 miles for the morning. Not bad for a Thursday :)

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