Friday, June 3, 2016

Bradbury 15

Since I never managed to get in a hill workout this week, I decided to make today's long run hilly. I think I managed well enough with over 1800 feet of gain over 15 miles. I stuck to the mountain side (duh!), doing many different variations up and over the summit; also went up and down Lunchbreak, up Tryon to run around the sweet little singletrack loop around the Quarry, which was fun, and out and back on the Connector to the powerlines. It never felt truly light and effortless, but I managed to keep up a fairly even pace over the hills, so I'm happy with the effort.

Mine was the only car in the lot at 9:00 am and it was muggy and heavy and humid and misty right from the start. The weather did not change and I finished up the run soaked; even the baggies in my pack had condensation on them! Thankfully, although the rocks and roots were a bit slick with dew/mist/rain/condensation, it wasn't too bad out there.

I didn't take too much time to look around on this run, as I pretty much had to concentrate the whole time, but I did manage to catch a toad crossing Lunchbreak, a deer crossing the Connector and a phoebe out along the 1st bridge. The forest floor, especially along the Connector, was lush with blooming false lily of the valley, and I saw a lot of ladyslippers along the way too. All in all, a very nice 3 hours in the woods ;)

Well, I'm a toad, I'm a toad...

Huh. Odd sighting on Krista's today... 

The Connector, such a lovely stretch of trail

Post-run lunch :) Delish!

And just because it's too pretty not to share... this little beauty is blooming out in my garden at the moment. So gorgeous!

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