Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Fun

Sometimes grand plans just don't work out, like a planned 15 mile run at 5:00 am before chaperoning the first grade field trip. Sometimes I am really too ambitious ;) But that is OK, it all worked out and ended up being a lovely day.

Today's field trip was a walking field trip to the police and fire stations. It was a beautiful morning to take a walk through the neighborhood, and the field trip, despite my trepidation, really was pretty cool. The kids got a tour of the police station, holding/jail cell included and then had free reign in the fire department, crawling up into the trucks and ambulances and generally having a grand old time. They also got out the kids out to try out the water hose; Sam's group used the water to knock down two bowling pins. Then one of the fire fighters climbed up the 100 foot ladder to take an aerial photo of the whole group before we headed back.

Fun in the holding cell... may we never see you there again! ;)

Ambulance fun

Checking out the fire engine

Fire engine fun

This is great!

One brave dad volunteered to try on ALL the firefighter gear, all 60 lbs of it! He is there in the middle crawling on the ground ;)

Sam and Neela relaxing in one of the cool recliners in the fire department

Sam testing out the water hose!

After the field trip, I headed out to do a few errands and stopped at the Brad on the way back from Falmouth for a run. There were two school buses in the parking lot, so I chose to head over to the East Side, assuming the kids would be up at the summit. Indeed, I saw no one during the hour I was out running. I ran the Scuffle course. It was a beautiful bright afternoon with a nice breeze and the woods were very green. As I was running, I realized that recently all my runs on the Scuffle course have been in the middle of a long slog or a big run. I was running without a pack or a waterbottle and it felt great to just cruise along. I wasn't moving super fast by any means, but it felt good to be traveling light for a change! Got in a good 6 miles for the afternoon, and then headed off to finish up the errands. Happy Friday indeed! :)

Iris along the snowmobile trail


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