Saturday, June 4, 2016


This morning, Sam had swim lessons and Ryan wanted to get his run in, so I got up early and headed out into the misty, muggy, humid morning around 7:00 am. I just wanted to get in a few easy miles to shake out the legs, so I headed out on the powerlines. I don't think I've run on them at all this spring, so it's been a while! The smell of the hay scented ferns always reminds me of the AT and makes me smile, and the trailside was covered with bunchberries, starflowers, low blueberry bushes and what I think are some sort of dewberry. Also spotted a beautiful dew-covered swamp iris in the midst of the greenery along a wet part of the trail. The towhee were singing and I saw a lot of deer prints in the sand. My legs felt pretty creaky for the first few miles, but loosened up nicely. Got in a mellow 5 miles for the morning.



Sam's swimming is getting really good! She was working on her rotary breathing today and really rocking it. Awesome! After swimming, we headed down to Bradbury to check out John's new tiny home, which is pretty neat, and then over to Edna & Lucy's to lunch so that Sam could fuel up for her second event of the day - the Coastal Running League 1/2 mile down at Twin Brook.

The fog and clouds from the morning cleared out and we were left with a beautiful afternoon to be standing around and running in a field with 100+ of our closest running friends ;)
Sam ready to rock it!

Girl Truckers selfie

The 1/2 milers ready to truck!

The course was lined with buttercups. So pretty!

Post-race relaxing

Tuckered out ;)

No mid-race photos from either Ryan or I, but Sam was working hard and had a great time! A busy day, for sure!

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