Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ocean Lookout

This weather, while not good by any means for the drought, has meant some lovely days to get out and explore, so while Mom and Dad were here we decided we'd head up to Camden this morning for some hiking.

We parked along the Mt. Battie Road and hiked up the Nature Trail & Megunticook Trail to the Ocean Lookout. Absolutely gorgeous up there today! A bit warm but with a nice breeze and no bugs. There were a fair number of other people out hiking today but the trail, and even the lookout, didn't seem too crowded. We hiked back down via the Tablelands Trail, and while we had originally planned a loop back to the car, Sam had a bathroom emergency forcing Ryan to run ahead to get the car and meet us a bit further up the road. Ah, gotta love hiking with a 6 year old! She can pee in the woods like an (almost) pro but pooping is another story ;) which is totally understandable. In any event, despite that little snafu, we had a lovely 2.4 mile hike, finishing it up with a drive to the top of Battie for a picnic lunch, to use the bathrooms and to do a bit of exploring around the summit.  Ah, summer Sundays in Maine!

Headed out for a hike!

Along the bog bridge

Up the trail

Trailside seat ;)

Mom and Dad at Ocean Lookout

Having a snack

Taking her own photos ;)

Along the rocks

Happy family ;)

Found a baby bird along the trail

We moved it to an open area off the trail so its parents would come for it (we saw the mama flitting closer and closer as we started back down the trail)

Mt. Battie vista

Sam, Neenie and Pip

Mt. Battie selfie with my girl ;)

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