Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Shoe Dilemma

Why is it that shoe companies are always messing with the shoes you love best? Or in my case, no longer making them in my size! Darn you, Inov-8. I've been wearing the Ultra 290 for 2 years now, have had no issues with them, ran a 50 mile race, a 100 mile race and many miles in between in these shoes, and now there is no longer a size 6 available, anywhere! Part of what I really like about this shoe is that I can wear them on the road, the trail, a combo, and pretty much, they always work. Mud is about the only thing they don't do well in. I appreciate the all-round nature of the shoe and the fact that it has worked so well for me.

I guess the discontinuation of a size 6 is just supply and demand for you but honestly, it kind of sucks. I have one pair squirreled away in the closet, and are currently rotating two pairs, one with about 50 miles on them and one with a little more than 300 so I'll be able to stick with the Ultras for a while between those three pairs but eventually I'm going to need a new go-to pair of shoes... Ryan, bless his heart, did some research and came up with a multitude of possible replacements. I look at them all and say, meh, how am I supposed to know, and wah, I want my Ultras! ;)

I did end up purchasing a pair of the Inov-8 Roclite 295s on sale for $44 on Amazon in a bit of a panic when I realized I was not going to be able to find the 290s anymore. Yes, they are totally unlike the Ultras but before the Ultras, I wore the 315, the 282, the 268 and a previous version of the 295 before they stopped making those in size 6 too (although obviously they've brought the smaller sizes back). I didn't like the 282 or 268 quite as much but wore through multiple pairs of the 315 and 295 with success and always really liked how I could feel the trail and have really good grip, something the Ultras lack a bit. But the 295 is much more of a trail shoe, and I don't think it would be comfy on the roads.

I took the 295s out this morning on my run with Shannon and her friend Nancy. We got in a mellow 5.75 miles out in the Commons. The shoes were comfortable with a roomy toe box, which I much appreciated, although they obviously have quite a different feel than the Ultras. Not sure they would be a long ultra shoe, but perhaps? Will need to test them out a bit more for sure, and will probably end up ordering something different entirely and more along the lines of the Ultra from another company too just to see what works best.  With so many shoes out there, I'm sure I will eventually find something I love, but why oh why must shoe companies torture us so? ;)

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