Thursday, February 11, 2016


A rough start to the week here. A sick kiddo in Monday and a two-hour snow delay on Tuesday meant a few half days at work, and the ensuing coughing overnight meant little sleep, and therefore no getting up in the early morning hours to run. Sigh.

Thankfully Sam is on the mend and we were all able to get some sleep last night, and I finally got up and out for a run after there days off. I headed out around 5:50 am out in the powerlines. The snowmobile club had rolled the trails out to Homeplace; the snow was still pretty soft but if I ran right down the middle where things were the most packed, it was decent. Out on the back of the loop, the trail was packed by a machine or two but not rolled. 

The woods began to lighten as I ran back along Lover's Lane and I was able to turn off my headlamp. After cresting the hill by Rt 24 and the rest of the way home, I was able to see the sun rise. Truly beautiful, especially as the sun crested the horizon and began to cast a soft pastel glow on the white snow. 

Got in a lovely 7 miles for the morning at a mellow pace and very happy to have gotten out!

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