Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Gratitude - February

Hard to believe it is the end of February! Fun to look back on this list from the month and remember all the things that make life good :) 

2/1/16 - Sam and I went for a walk around the block after getting home tonight, and no headlamps or reflective gear were needed! Love it that the days are getting noticeably longer!

2/2/16 - Nice to get in an early morning run down to the river with John - snow was surprisingly solid when there was snow ;) Otherwise, a mix of ice, bare ground and water kept us on our toes.

2/3/16 - The best thing about birthdays these days is hearing from family and friends. Always makes me feel so loved! Of course, there was this too ;)

2/4/16 - A great, warm, spring-like extra day off today spent running and hanging out with my good friend, Amy! Very grateful!

2/5/16 - Nothing like living in Maine to make you appreciate Mother Nature in all her varieties. From 50 degrees yesterday to a snow day today...

2/6/16 - Love being able to get out and enjoy both the ocean and the woods in one day. A run down to Simpson's Point this morning with Amy, followed up by a late afternoon snowshoe hike down to the Cathance with Sam and Ryan. The snow-covered trees were beautiful today!

2/7/16 - Sam has a bit of a cough and cold, but happy she had enough energy to get out this afternoon to enjoy the sunshine and snow. She had a lot of fun sledding and making a snowman!

2/8/16 - The kiddo was home sick today, which is never a good thing, but grateful I have a flexible job and an understanding boss who was cool with me taking the morning off and just coming in for a few hours in the afternoon after Ryan got home for Sam duty!

2/9/16 - Glad Sam made it through the school day today, and grateful once again for my job flexibility - there was a two hour delay today, so I didn't get in until 11:00, and then I left at 3:00 to pick Sam up instead of sending her to aftercare. I'll be glad to return to our normal schedule but for now, happy to be able to help Sam get a bit more sleep and rest to get over this cough/cold.

2/10/16 - Happy Sam was able to make it through a full day of school today and her swim lesson!

2/11/16 - After three days of not running due to a sick kiddo and the ensuing sleeplessness that comes with listening to coughing all night long, happy to have finally gotten up and out for a morning run. Beautiful morning with a glorious sunrise casting a pastel glow on the snow. So pretty.

2/12/16 - Sam got two Valentine's Day cards in the mail today - one from each set of grandparents - and she said, "I am so lucky to have Neenie and Pip and Grammie and Grampie. They are such great grandparents. Oh, and I really have to thank Pip for sending me $5!" Ha ha ha! Love it.

2/13/16 - Love having the snowshoe race RDing be a family affair :)

2/14/16 - Thankful for these two. I am a lucky lady!

2/15/16 - Fun to have a chance to spend the day with Ryan while Sam is at vacation week camp! We got in a fun 13 mile run and lunch together!

2/16/16 - Love reading with Sam at night before bed. These days, she reads to me :) Tonight was 'where the wild things are.' "Let the wild rumpus begin!" :)

2/17/16 - Driving home with Sam at 5:02 pm and the sky is pastel pink with the large orange orb of the sun still setting through the periwinkle clouds. Light after 5:00 pm, truly still light, I love it!

2/18/16 - Ok, so trail conditions suck right now but it was light for my morning run! Horray for that! Left at 6:05 and used the headlamp for a bit but mostly so I didn't bite the dust on the ice :) 

2/19/26 - This.

2/20/16 - Despite sketchy conditions, always fun to spend time on the trails with friends!

2/21/16 - When life gives you lemons (or in this case no snow and 48 degrees on a late February day), make some lemonade (or go on a hike through the woods down to the ocean)! :)

2/22/16 - Well, we succeeded in getting back into routine, even if we forgot to brush Sam's hair before heading to school this morning ;) She was happy to be back at school, but wiped out! All this learning is hard work!

2/23/16 - Thankful to be able to get out for a run late this afternoon. Trails were part bare ground and part glare ice, and therefore a bit of a challenge, but I got to see a few pigs at the farm along the route and it was good to get in a few miles!

2/24/16 - Grateful our school district did not delay or cancel school today! Sometimes it's the little things ;)

2/25/16 - Enjoyed a homemade lunch courtesy of Ryan at work today! Always nice to eat a lunch I didn't have to make myself :) 

2/26/16 - Fun muddy run exploring new to me trails with Keri at HVNC!

2/27/16 - Good company and good Oreos on this morning's 18 mile road run this morning with Amy!

2/28/16 - After a morning run to shake out the legs, spent the day with the kiddo while Ryan got in his run. We went out to lunch and gelato together and then got in some trail exploration to make for a fun Sunday! 

2/29/16 - The newest member of the extended family! So happy for Meg, Chris and Gavin! Welcome little Cameron :) Sam is excited to have a new baby cousin!

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