Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Midweek Miles

This weather kinda sucks. Seriously. There's almost no snow, and where the trails were packed when we did have snow, we now have solid glare ice. Since it's February and we should have snow and some pretty darn good screwshoe running at this point, getting up early in the dark to go out and run on icy, hoar frosty trails just isn't enticing. Which means, I have not managed to get up and out the past two mornings. But, that being said, I have managed to get in some miles ;)

Yesterday, work was quiet and I was able to get in a few miles late in the afternoon. I chose to drive over to the Community Garden parking lot off Baribeau and headed out onto the Crystal Spring Farm trails from there. It was overcast and a bit raw out, but still, always good to get out in the woods. There were some wonderful stretches of bare ground, but unfortunately, there was also a lot of glare ice, which made the going a bit slow. I did some loops and then ran up to the farm. From there, I took the road back and veered off to check out the animal houses I had noted along the edge of one of the fields on last week's long road run. Turns out, they were pig houses/pens :) There were some seriously big pigs, but the only two who came out to greet me were two cute black pigs, wagging their tails and clearing looking for food. Sadly, I had none, but I did enjoy talking to them :)

Got in a nice 5 miles for the afternoon.

I didn't sleep well last night and just was not up for getting up early to run with John, which was the intended plan. Sorry, John :( Instead, I went back to sleep for another two hours, which felt good and was needed. So, instead, I ended up on the treadmill this afternoon while Sam was in her swim lesson. Warmed up for 1 mile, moving pace down to 7:35 for two miles and then back up into the 8:00+ range. Hey, I'm trying ;) Got in 4 miles, and of course was just drenched in sweat :) The treadmill is seriously painful, but it got the job done!

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