Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mockingbird Lane

It was raining as Amy and I headed over to Val's this morning. It was raining when we started running. It was raw and damp, and we ran through sloppy fields, with rivelets of cold water throughout. The powerlines trails across the street were a mix of mud and ice and bare ground and hoar frost and little streams and a section of unbroken, soft, mushy snow out in the woods. It was a mixed bag of conditions, that's for sure! While there may not have been much enthusiasm for the conditions or the weather, it is always fun to run with friends and there was some good laughter and smiles and stories along the way.

My original intent for the day was to run 8 miles, but in the end the out and back lollypop was around 5.5 miles. I stopped with the group at the end of the first lap and seriously considered going inside. In fact, so much so that I stopped my watch and saved the loop. Ha :) Then of course, everyone started to head back out, so I hemmed and hawed for a while and then figured, oh what the heck. Ran with Keri and Bob, and as is almost always the case, glad I got out there. Oh, my feet were soaked and I was tired, and I didn't think I was going far so I didn't eat or drink anything in between or along the way, but got in a good slippery, slidey, mucky, cold, wet 11 miles. Fun in the craziest way with a good group of people! :) 

Today's miles made for a solid back-to-back for the weekend. Now to continue the momentum!

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