Thursday, February 18, 2016


Despite my trepidation about what I would find this morning, I figured I'd check out conditions. Went out at 6:05 am donning in my screwshoes and was happy to find it almost light enough even then to not need my headlamp. Hurray for more daylight! But given the ice, I kept the headlamp on as greater means to ensure I didn't bite the dust or break my a** out there ;) Trail conditions are a bit iffy to say the least. 

Ran up and over Mt A, trying to avoid the black ice on the uphill. The groomed trails have become widely variable, from nice firm snow to ice to bare ground. Ran holes 1 and 2 and then headed across to hole 9. No go there. Too unpacked. Back up to hole 3 and then across to the bottom of the Heath. Sketchy. Ran up along the Quarry and took the back dirt road in, which was partial ice and partial frozen, uneven mud. Took the high road on the powerlines for the final stretch as it was bare ground, and ended with a random 5.3 miles for the morning. 

So, let's be honest and say trail conditions kinda are really not the best right now. Plus, it is just not normal to have so little snow on the ground mid-February. Shoulder season shouldn't be here yet. I do hope we get more snow but I'd prefer it sooner than later. Am I asking too much?!? Ha! Can't change the weather, I know, but that doesn't mean I can't complain about it ;)

Hitting the pavement tomorrow for a long, hilly run. 

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