Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ocean and River

Intended to get up and out early this morning for my run, but Sam had other plans and she woke up before I headed out the door. Which led to me hanging out with her and making pancakes and bacon while Ryan slept. So when Amy said, hey, let me know if you want to run, I like, well, if you want to come up here, I'm game! So instead, I got in a lovely road run out through the quiet roads of Pennelville with Amy mid-morning today. It was a windy but beautiful blue sky day, with the sun shining and the trees covered with snow. We ran down to Simpson's Point and took in the ocean view before looping back around to the car for a good 5.5 mile run. Perfect!

Later this afternoon, after Ryan had gotten in his snowshoe run and Sam and I went to do the recycling and to battle the crowds at Target, the three of us got out for a snowshoe hike down along the Cathance. The trails had been really packed out by the time we arrived around 3:30. I guess everyone else wanted to get out and enjoy the snow and sunshine! We went a slightly different route than we might normally take, enjoying the late afternoon light shining through the birch groves, the roar of the river, the snow-covered trees, and marveled at how amazing it was to have snow on the ground but also so much open water. Still, incredibly beautiful out there. We got in a nice hour-long/1.1 miles hike and then headed off to meet up with Kristen, Phil, Anne and Thistle for sushi and gelato. Life is good ;)

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