Thursday, February 4, 2016

Donuts, Deer and a Day Off

Original plans called for meeting up with Amy yesterday for a birthday run and lunch out. With the weather, we decided to move the celebration to today, which actually worked out quite well, as combined with my regular Friday off it meant a four-day weekend. Can't complain about that! We met up this morning out at Lawrence Road after I dropped Sam off at school, and got ready to run. Of course, we had to eat our donuts first ;)

Pre-run donuts

With all the rain from yesterday combined with temps in the low mid-40s, we figured the best bet was to stick to the roads today. Thankfully, these back roads are quiet and not well-traveled, and I was surprised to find that after the first few paved road miles, we would end up running on nice packed dirt roads for the remainder of the out and back. We also found some good hills, some lovely field and marsh vistas, complete with low mist rising from the dwindling snowpack, and had a grand old time enjoying the run and each other's company as we chatted away. Always fun to run with Amy!

Mist rising

Fun running

Love the design of queen anne's lace in winter

Back roads

Of course, we also found a deer leg, yup, just the leg, in the middle of the road, with no evidence of the rest of the body to be found. Bizarre. You just never know what you'll find out there. Also a wooly bear. On February 4th. Moving around and unfrozen. This has been one odd winter.

Deer leg.

Wooly bear!

We got in a good 14 miles on this spring-like morning, and followed up the run with lunch at Edna & Lucy's, which, for me, also included a delicious, decadent chocolate cupcake. Yum! 

Incredibly lucky to be able to spend the morning running and playing with my good friend! Thanks, Amy! :) A perfect birthday celebration!

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