Friday, February 19, 2016

Road Running

When I told Ryan what I was planning to do last night , he was like, what, you running VT? Well, no, I don't need roads for Grayson but I do need hills and I don't feel like my run being half walk gingerly across ice/take a million hours/sucky. So hilly road run it is! I had pondered a route from home but kept getting creepy vibes from one stretch I've never run before so aborted on that plan and headed over to Brunswick instead. If you choose the right route, you can actually find hills to run over there, so I parked on Baribeau and headed up Pleasant Hill. Strava has a segment along here called 'unpleasant climb' - ha ha ha! - as there really are some decent climbs headed out to Freeport .

I stayed on Pleasant Hill until it intersects Flying Point and headed back that way, making a Lollypop of it by cutting across on Highland back to Pleasant Hill. The running was decent, it was  bright and sunny, the sky was blue, and the route was nice but jeez, I guess I'm really a trail girl at heart! I was keeping a solid, steady pace and felt really good until the final few miles when I started dragging a bit, but the pavement was killing my feet and I was just bored. So much endless pavement!!! 

I did get to see a pair of bluebirds out on Highland, which was very cool and the highlight of the run! Saw a red tail hawk out in the fields too, but not much else out there.

Anyway, ended up with 16.5 miles at just under 9:00 pace and am happy with that,  but get me back to those trails ;)

Stopped to get this for lunch on the way home. Yum! Guac, roasted sweet potatoes, chicken, beans, a bit of rice and crunchy lettuce. What's not to love?!? Perfect post-run deliciousness.

The rest of the day was a blur of chores before picking Sam up at camp to come home, eat dinner and hang out for the evening. Tonight she read us 'Izzy the Ice Cream Fairy.' Love this kid :)

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