Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last Hurrah of Summer

This weekend was the last hurrah for summer before Sam heads back to school for the start of 1st grade tomorrow (!!!) - our 3rd annual Bowdoin get-together at Wolfe's Neck. This year the number ballooned to a whopping 19 of us, including 5 kids! And Shannon pointed out that most of us have known each other for 20+ years. Wow indeed! But what a great weekend! We lucked out with beautiful weather and there was much laughter, a few too many beers around the campfire, many walks with the dog, kids running around crazily and a whole lot of fun. Can't wait until next year ;)

Silly head

Super for sure ;)

Pretty nice view for the weekend

Campsite view


Fun around the campfire

Full moon

Walking in the garden


Sam and Annelise

The kids

Group walk!

Sam LOVES Maya!


Morning walk by the water

On the running side, I got in a nice run on Saturday morning with Vicky and Laurie. We started out with the guys, but of course, they pulled ahead almost immediately ;) We hung back at a more reasonable pace and enjoyed a run on the trails through the park, along the farm and then down to the end of Lower Flying Point Road and back for a little under 12 miles. This morning I did the same loop to start but just ran back to the campground instead of adding on the road miles for a nice morning six. My legs felt good and I wasn't feeling exhausted so I think the down week has done it's magic ;)

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