Saturday, August 22, 2015

Back Home

We had a great week on the Cape with lots of fun, sun, beach and family time. There was also a lot of ice cream, food and fun with friends. The girls had a blast together and it was a nice relaxing week for all of us. Many thanks to Mom and Dad for inviting us along and allowing us to get in some running and time together too!

Two cuties at Sundae School

Ice cream sundae :)


Evening at the beach

Dinner by the harbor

Gina's by the Sea with Ryan and Kristen - yum!

Boogie woogie woogie woog ;)

Fun with friends

Being silly with Pippi

Riding the waves with Neenie

Fun with the kids

Silly kids!

Sand castle fun

But as much fun as vacation always is, it also inevitably feels good to be home. We got in a bit of traffic on the way up, but nothing terrible, and arrived home last night with enough time to unpack and settle back in. And this morning, I was up early for a run on the trails I'm so lucky to have right out my door. Ran out to Head of Tides in the humid, still August air for 11 miles to finish up the week. Ah, home sweet home ;)

Cotton sedge in the Heath

Never tire of this view

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