Friday, August 28, 2015


It has been a busy week. Sam has been at farm camp at Wolfe's Neck Farm this week. She is loving it, and coming home with tales of tractor rides, eating carrots from the teen ag garden, digging in the clay down at the beach, seeing day old baby chicks, sweeping the barn and enjoying all sorts of silly songs and games. It has been a different but very fun experience from the Y camp, I think, and a fun way to end the summer camp season.

Last night, we went to Woodside for the back-to-school ice cream social, and I had a chance to meet her teacher, Mrs. M., and see her classroom. I can't believe she is going to be in first grade and is starting on Monday! Oh, how time flies! She is very excited to be going back to school. We had dinner after the school event with her friend Anne and family. The girls were a whirlwind of excitement and happiness at being together again. After 5+ years of spending 5 days a week together, we haven't seen them much this summer, so they have been missing each other. So cute ;)

On the running front, the humidity seems to finally have broken and there is a feeling of fall in the air. This morning it was just getting light when I headed out around 5:45 am and the air was nice and cool. I ran 6.5 miles out in the Cathance and enjoyed the quiet woods. My legs are still a little tired ("Duh," said Ryan when I told him this, "you are training for a 100 mile race! Of course your legs are tired." LOL ;)) but I felt a bit more peppy this morning which was most welcome.

And now, I had better get off the computer, as these groceries aren't going to put themselves away. Not to mention that the house desperately needs to be cleaned and I need to get the car packed up for the weekend. We are headed to Wolfe's Neck for a weekend of camping with old college friends. A last hurrah for summer. Should be a great weekend for it!

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